Organic Basics Her Regular Socks 10-pack

by Organic Basics

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Ten pairs of regular, mid-calf socks made from our GOTS certified, combed organic cotton. They're going to last you ages because they have reinforced stress zones in the toe and heel, and they're made of stretch blend organic cotton. A hand-linked toe gives a seamless, flat seam for a more comfortable feel. ↓Details

Designed in Denmark
Made in Turkey

Details & Sizing

Organic cotton is a natural, class B fibre. Our cotton is grown just outside Izmir, Turkey without toxic substances, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, and no nasty chemicals. It is grown without genetically modified seeds, and it is of course, GOTS certified, which means that apart from being certified organic, it is grown by humans that are treated like humans. That means fair wages, no discrimination, and freely chosen employment. We think it’s important not to take these kinds of conditions for granted, so using GOTS certified organic cotton is a must.

  • GOTS certified Organic Cotton
  • Yarn Count: 20/1 NE
  • 80% Organic Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastane

  • Fits true to size
  • Elastic mid-calf fit
  • Available sizes 35-38, 39-42, 43-46

Care: Wash at 40°C, low cycle. Do not fluorescent bleach. Always air dry when you can, if not tumble dry on low heat.

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Basically better made. Consciously created. Designed to last.
Sustainable everyday basics made in Europe.

Thisispaper ethos

Thisispaper Ethos

As designers, producers and vendors, we asked ourselves: how do we sell our goods in a modern and sustainable way? The answer is: through a platform that shares our values.

We do, becuase we care.

What we save, saves us.

We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy. At every stage of the production process we aim to minimize waste and our environmental footprint, and maximize support for local community and suppliers. Less but better.

No middle-men. No seasons. No sales.

Honest Price.

We charge our customers a single, fair, honest price. We have no middle-men and sell our products directly to you. We don’t do seasonal sales because our stock doesn’t become obsolete. It’s a part of respecting our clients and our own work.

Under one roof.

Local production

We believe that the best quality products can be made locally and be affordable to everyone. Most products available on Thisispaper are crafted in the European Union with respect not only for the environment, but most importantly for their makers.

Less but better.

Good design.

Thisispaper stands for the inordinate power of good design. Our products are useful, honest and aesthetic, designed right down to the last detail and made from high-quality materials to be durable and long-lasting. Less but better.

Sustainable design and responsibility.

Less waste.

Thisispaper generates as little waste as possible. As both vendors and makers, we know that all our choices have an environmental impact. We operate with that in mind, only choosing natural, sustainably sourced raw materials, components and packaging that are long-lasting and don’t create waste.

Be an activist.

Give back.

We take our social responsibility seriously. Our mission is not just creating beautiful, ethically-made products, but also using the power of our business to give back. For every Thisispaper product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.

Respect your privacy.

Less algorithms, more human.

The more we use technology to communicate, the more we long for real-life human interactions. We don’t let algorithms replace our intuition. And our intuition is to sell products through Thisispaper in a way without buying ads and in a way that respects our customers’ online privacy and personal data. We create our own content and deliver it in an organic way.

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Design & Origin

The fashion industry is a dirty bastard. Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish guys who wanted to change that. We were tired of regularly buying, wearing, washing, and throwing away our overpriced big branded underwear. We thought it was unsustainable, bad for the environment, and a big waste of our time and money.

Better Fabrics

Fabric choice is a big choice to make. It’s not only important for us, but it’s important that we all understand the importance of our choices, too. We only ever use Class A and B fibers, and as we move forward we will push harder to use even more sustainable fabric options. Read on to discover the fabrics we use and love.

Better Factories

We work with and source from only the best factories in Europe. Together we bring experience and vision to create a better product and a higher standard of sustainable production. We visit our GOTS certified organic cotton farms, and factories in Izmir and Istanbul once every 3 months to make sure there are no unfair, or unsafe industry practices.

The Sustainable Model

Sustainable fashion is not just a trend, it’s how we’re going to build our future. We think that buying poor quality, fast fashion is a lot like peeing your pants when you’re cold. It feels nice at first, but it’s not so good later on. Nothing is less sustainable and more frustrating than something that falls apart after a wear and a wash, right? Buying better made means investing in quality that lasts.

Designed in Denmark
Made in Turkey

Thisispaper principles

① We do because we care.
② No middle-men. No seasons. No sales.
③ The best quality made locally.
④ Less algorithms, more human.

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We do, because we care.

Sustainability is the value that we are developing and learning. Our goal is to manage sustainability in every field of our activity - the way we work, produce, consume, treat each other and treat our clients.

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3% That Helps

We take our social responsibility seriously. For every product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.

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