3% That Helps

3% That Helps Program

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If you made a purchase on Thisispaper in August, you can be proud of yourself - you are the part of the movement. Our donation covers the cost of charting 340,000 square meters of Amazon forest.

In September let's "Save the Children" - you can help to transform their lives and the future too.

How does it work?
① Each month we choose one organization.
② We donate 3% of our sales to support it.
③ We inform you, how much we have helped.
④ Start the process again 💪

Join the movement and help us support better tomorrow.
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Our Mission

Thisispaper was created to address our immediate need of acting. We take our social responsibility seriously.

Our mission is not just creating beautiful, ethically-made products, but also using the power of our business to give back. We want to narrate environmental problems, animal extinction, social injustices and other major problems of our world, list of which is endless. We want to act, help and improve.

For every Thisispaper product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.
Each month we choose one organization that works for the good: protecting the natural environment, fighting for the fashion industry labor and human rights or noting the point of saving endangered species.
Each month, we inform you, how much our work and your purchase has helped to improve the world in which we live.

We believe, that 3% affect real change. You also receive benefits: the satisfaction of paving the way for more sustainable and responsible shopping, the satisfaction of being a conscientious consumer who values serious commitment to our world. Our commitment goes beyond simply a material donation and your shopping is more than just a purchase.

Be an activist and help us support better tomorrow.

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