All Thisispaper bags and rucksacks, as well as the leather goods, are handmade by a small but passionate team at our Warsaw studio. At every stage of the process we aim to minimize waste and our environmental footprint, and maximize support for local community and suppliers. We only use certified chromium-free vegetable-tanned leather, durable and certified textiles (cotton, canvas and linen), sometimes waxed for water-resistance. We take great care to make sure that every detail of the product has been crafted to serve its purpose gracefully for years. Instead of decoration, we go for simplicity, function and sustainability.

Leather: All leathers are certified and chromium-free, sourced from Polish and Italian tanneries and all are vegetable dyed. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. Only some ten percent of all leather worldwide is vegetable tanned, which is why natural leather is so highly valued and treasured.

Fabric: All of our fabrics are sourced from Poland and woven from natural fibers not requiring pesticides or herbicides, and some of them come from organic and sustainable sources. In the history of Poland linen has gained a rich tradition. It is one of the oldest natural fibers used in fabric production, however today features in less than one percent of all textiles. In our products we also use sailcloth cotton wich is a strong, highly durable fabric and water resistant.

Fittings: The fittings are specially handmade from solid brass for Thisispaper at a workshop in the south of Poland. For over 40 years this family firm has specialized in working with brass. Its founder still turns his hands to the welding process. 

Our fittings are extremely fracture-resistant and durable. Over time their surface acquires a noble and unique patina.

Zips: We use YKK® solid brass zippers which maintain the highest quality.

Buckles: Some of our bags are supported with Patented AustriAlpin COBRA™ quick releases. The metal Cobra buckle is manufactured by a highly experienced company specialized only in climbing fittings. Made in Tyrol, Austria.

Production: All of the bags are design and handmade entirely by us at our Warsaw studio.