Origin: Mountain tea of Ukiha is a tea brand produced by family company in the mountains on the island of Kyushu, surrounded by pure water and green environment, the tea is produced in a natural way.

Tea picking: The first shoot of the year make the “ichi-ban-cha” tea. The second shoot – the “ni-ban-cha” tea. The tea is made of young, soft leaves only.
Steaming and drying: Processing of the tea leaves starts with steaming and drying. This is how the unrefined tea, called “aracha” is manufactured.
Finishing: The processed leaves of “aracha” that are of different sizes and shapes are then carefully selected and the foreign bodies removed. The high quality organic green tea is born.
Delivery: Then the tea is carefully packed and delivered to the customer.

What makes our tea special is the process in which the leaves are steamed longer than other regular green teas. Due to this the tea has a little bit more powder-like consistence then regular green teas. On the other hand, the bitterness is reduced and rich flavor is obtained.
Standards: To deliver delicious green tea it is crucial to keep soil in good condition.

The tea-making starts with the cultivation of soil as the leaves extract all natural ingredients directly from the soil.

It means that in the tea garden there are not used any chemical fertilizers, pesticides nor herbicides at all. The company use only organic blur fertilizers with natural microorganisms.Thanks to this the right sweetness and umami are achieved and a high-quality tea cultivated.

The tea carries an organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS mark)
The main requirements of organic JAS standards are:
- no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides nor herbicides for at least 3 years
- not mixing with non-organic products during production or packaging
- keeping record of all stages of production from cultivation to packaging.