Design and Production

All Thisispaper bags and rucksacks are handmade by a small but passionate team at our Warsaw studio. This truly multipurpose place can perfectly fit the digital and manual workshop with a space for the manufacture process as well as flagship store, located in the hearth of Mokotów district. Simply - all under one roof. Thanks to this concept we are able to produce the products with a special attention to details and control of quality. Local production was always a must for our team. That's why since the beginning of our existence we aim to cooperate with polish manufacturers. This truly crucial idea of Thisispaper was worked out through years with many experienced craftmakers.

We only use certified and chromium-free naturally tanned leathers, prepared in one of the most experience tannery in south part of Poland. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using tannins and other ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. In addition, each leather part in our bags is carefully prepared and impregnated in order to survive the atmospheric conditions.To maintain it’s quality and bueauty we highly recommend to cream it from time to time only with natural oils and creams.

We believe what give our bags and rucksacks the fine finishing are our brass fittings, which are literally weld, bend by hands of our skillful craft makers. All of our buckles are designed in cooperation with one of most experienced manufacturer in Poland. We are truly proud of this cooperation as it has a significant influence on all leather parts in our bags. Handmade brass fittings bring incomparable durability to the other regular buckles available in the market.

We respect our mother nature and we belive it would be such a shame to participate in devastation of the planet Earth. So we try as much as it's possible to follow our ethos of being natural. That's why since the begining our focus was mainly on cotton and linnen. All of our textiles are manufactured in specialized factory of technical textiles, in Poland.
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