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What we save, saves us.

– Thisispaper Studio

We do, because we care.

We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy. At every stage of the process we aim to minimize waste and our environmental footprint, and maximize support for local community and suppliers. Less but better.

Honest Price.

We charge all our customers a single, fair, honest price. We have no middle-men and sell our products directly to you. We don’t do seasonal sales because our stock doesn’t become obsolete. It’a a part of respecting our clients and our own work. Isn’t it only natural?

Handmade in European Union.

We believe that the best quality products should be made locally and be affordable to everyone. All of the components we use are sourced only from the European Union. All Thisispaper products are designed and handmade by a small but passionate team at the geographical centre of Europe - Warsaw.

All under one roof.

Everything is designed from scratch and made with our own hands in our studio. We’ve been growing organically year by year and it made us believe in preserving our independence. We feel like we’re a family.

Adaptive design

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Lots of other goodies

There are a lots of cool stuff in here, waiting to be used by you into creating the perfect store!