HANDMADE IN WARSAW Ręcznie zrobione w Warszawie
华沙工艺品 Hecho a mano en Varsovia
ワルシャワの手作りの品 Handgemaakt in Warschau
HANDGEFERTIGT AUS WARSCHAU Fait à la main à Varsovie
HÅNDLAVET I WARSZAWA Cделанo вручную в Варшавe
FATTA A MANO A VARSAVIA Handgjord i Warszawa
바르샤바산수공제품 Feito à mão em Varsóvia
Regulars. Stripped down to the essential. Made for everyday use. Handcrafted in Warsaw and proud of it. Vegan.
Print: The pattern was screenprinted onto the bag by hand with a water-based paint, in Kwiaciarnia Grafiki workshop in Warsaw. The print is intentionally uneven. It will fade with wear and after washing.
Materials. Down to the last seam, this bag is 100% made in Poland. We crafted it with use of natural materials produced by Polish manufacturers.
Production: This bag was designed and handmade entirely by us at our Warsaw studio.
Girl eating appleGirl eating appleGirl eating apple

Shopper Bag in Black

Girl eating apple